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This is how you know they’re actually brothers.

this is my favourite scene in the movie i’m not even kidding

I love this scene the most, because Loki is somewhat trying to help and Thor is just done.


Do you ever just think about the future and start freaking out about the most random things

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no but seriously how cute is the word tummy 

you can talk so seriously about stomachs

but as soon as someone drops the tummy word

everyone is like (●´∀`●)

tummies 。◕‿◕。

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Cats do not like fruits


i hate when you’re not in the same mood as your friend like when you want to slay your enemies and feast on their flesh and your friend wants to dance in a field of daisies and sing for the sake of singing like no stop that grab a pitchfork

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do you ever walk to the beat of your music in public and you think you look really cool but you probably just look like a dumbass


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